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Our Mission

Stronghold Technologies’ mission is to provide innovative, high quality products and services to help our customers and communities live safe and healthy lives.

Revolutionary products such as Strongcideâ„¢ Antimicrobial Spray & Gel are integral in the fight and prevention of Super Bug infections including MRSA. Super Bug infections are increasing at an alarming rate and continue to evolve. Our goal is to stop the spread of infection at the source; on contact, to prevent rapid progression that can cause significant impairment and ultimately prove fatal if not treated.

Protecting the Communities We Serve

As a technology company utilizing over 30 years of medical product market experience, we are a partner with leading sports associations including: Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Lacrosse. Our products are a standard of care at schools and universities, the military and our reach is global in scale.

Join us in the fight against Super Bugs!

We look forward to serving your needs.

The Stronghold Technologies Team